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Love Gallery

If you’ve been following my social sites for the past couple months or even my updates on here, I’ve mentioned about working for the Bakehouse Art Complex in downtown Miami, FL.

The Bakehouse is a non-profit organization that houses over 50 artists with their own studios, and monthly exhibition galleries, and art classes taught by the artists themselves. The shot above is from December’s exhibit, “If A Tree Falls, A Chain Reaction…,” held in the Audrey Love Gallery.


The name itself is based off of what came before it.

The Complex used to be the American Bakery Company back in the 1920’s  up until the early 80’s. If you look carefully, you still see parts that remain from the old bakery, including the trademark silos which were painted by legendary street artist DEPOE.


Artists from all over the world, and not to mention locals as well, have studios here. During our events, it basically becomes an open house as most of the artists will be in attendance and guests can come in and just chat and find out about their creative process.

From sculptures to paintings to photography, whatever media or style you are in to, the Bakehouse has something for everyone.


Another shot of the main Gallery. This one is from our many student shows. Bakehouse works with charter school from the area and gives the young artists a place to help get them a nice push into the art world. It is definitely a great first step as the kids have their own art show and see their work up on the walls of a big time art complex.


The Bakehouse was also featured on all the local stations, Travel Channel, and many publications like Irreversible just to name a few.

Just a couple more shots of the studios and walls of the Bakehouse.




So if you’re in the downtown Miami area, come by and check out the Bakehouse Art Complex! Especially during our event and show times, that is when it is a must-see! I am definitely happy to work here and I just wanted to talk about it because it is something I am very proud of being a part of.



Gallery Talk # 1

Posted: May 7, 2012 in gallerytalk, updates

December 2009. “The Bunker.” My first little gallery.

Needless to say, this was fun and very interesting. Not the best neighborhood, nor was it near all the other galleries. But it was an experience and a fun one at that.

Put together by some of the local artists who were also my classmates, The Bunker showcased other local artists while having a very young and hip presentation. Bands, graffiti artists and fire art on the outside, and wine, art, and chitchat were all inside. Small, two-floored space, but it had heart.

The space didn’t last very long, but it proved to be memorable for its time. I was able to display 7 of my pieces, some of which was the first time I had shown them to anyone.

Here are some of my older wood panel pieces. These had gotten much more notice than the newer Super Heroine ones I had done just for the show. The wood pieces are still my favorites to this day.

The Super Heroine series, which I hope to get back to and definitely improve on. Not my strongest pieces, but it was an idea at the time. It was meant to represent some of the female heroes in comics as there are still those people who don’t believe women are represented fairly. My favorite of the series is the one below, I’ll have a much better photo of this one soon…

All and all, a fun experience and it definitely lead the way for more shows to come. Not everyone’s first show can be in the Louvre and it won’t always be perfect, but you have to start somewhere. So hopefully this inspires those that haven’t done the gallery thing yet to just do it. If you want to be an big time artist, you HAVE TO.


So thankful for the opportunity!

Stay tuned for more of these to come and let me know what you think!


Creep Cinema 2011 entry

Posted: September 21, 2011 in gallerytalk, updates

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery had an open call for artists for their October group show entitled “Creep Cinema.” It’s all about horror movies! Hey, I love horror movies and art so this was a no-brainer.

I included this piece into the show, which I called “American Horror Gothic.”

Set in a familiar setting with two very familiar horror icons, this piece can be seen at the show from October 1 to November 12 and the gallery itself is located inside of one of the biggest comic book shops in Florida and maybe even the U.S., TATE’S Comics.

So if you’re in the Lauderhill, FL area, come by and check out what is going to be a big show, not to mention a whole lot of comics!

For more info, go to their website and hope to see you guys there!

Around Summer of 2010, I was part of this project to paint the walls of Jungle Island to help beautify the park. Me and my classmates had to come together and sketch what we wanted on the walls.

Click on the images for a more expanded look…

Here are my sketches of what I wanted. Because the park crew wanted to show their birds and flowers, I featured some of their plant life, along with some of the animals that are exclusive to their park, such as the penguins. Everyone was in agreement that birds, an orangutan, gibbons, penguins, and a turtle should be on the mural.

And so, the mural would begin.

After the crew primed the walls, we began plotting and sketching the areas using grids and our final sketch as reference. We would have two groups, one to cover each wall. But of course, if one side needed the other side’s help and expert at a certain skill, there would be no problem sharing teammates.

The right side of the mural needed more assistance. It would be more of a garden of flowers than a zoo, to show the plantlife that Jungle Island is known for. The orangutan was also a mission to itself. It took 3 of us to get him done to perfection.

I had drawn in the flowers and turtle on the left, while the others colored it in and added details and shadows. The bird experts were busy with the flamingo and the colorful macaws flying in the air.

Our plant expert also had alot of work on her hands. I worked on the penguins as well, which for just being black and white, were very difficult to get the right tones of shadow out there.

The final finished left wall. The pillar was also done to incorporate the plantlife. Now all that was left was the right wall.

That orangutan… I was the last one to work on him. He was also the last piece left to finish.

Right wall, done. All that was left to do was to clean up.

Finished mural. This was as wide as I could go, but just so you get the sense of what the final look of it. If you are ever near Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, come to Jungle Island and check out the mural and not to mention enjoy everything the park has to offer! I’m not paid to say any of this, nor am I a sponsor, but it really is a great park. I thank them for the opportunity and chance to have us come here and do this for the Isle. For more info on Jungle Island, go to their website at

It was alot of fun, and honestly, it could not have been done by a better crew. Thanks go to our trusty leader Ramon, co-leader Yadian aka “Cruz,” Jose c, Sophie, Jeremy, Michael T, Recardo, Julio, Rakisha, V, and Angy.

Draw a Bird Day

Posted: June 23, 2011 in gallerytalk, updates

Found this earlier today and thought I’d share it here.

This was done for Draw a Bird Day, which happens every year in April. Seeing that I spent most of the year at Jungle Island surrounded by birds, and not to mention my favorite being their penguins, I wanted to do something cute for the event.

For more info and images of other submitted bird drawings for DAB Day, go to